About Us

Our Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

JEP is committed to providing Jewish young professionals, ages 27-39, across Europe opportunities for personal and business networking, self-development and contributing to the world.

Our programs are guided by professional research and evaluation to ensure that they are achieving their goals.

We accomplish this by creating top-quality innovative programs in intimate settings that include:

  • Entertaining and interactive group activities
  • Relationship education and coaching
  • Business advice and ethics
  • Self-development workshops
  • Inspiring cultural experiences

About Us

European Jews in their late twenties and thirties are increasingly struggling to find a suitable marriage partner, who shares similar experiences and backgrounds.

JEP is designed to create opportunities for young professionals throughout Europe to meet in a fun and engaging framework.

JEP targets young adults, ages 27-39, who are seeking self-development and meaningful relationships.

JEP aims to create a vibrant young Jewish community focused on making a positive contribution to the world.