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*Please Note - The dates of the main event are Wednesday 29th May 2019 (from 09:00am) until Tuesday 4th June (after breakfast). There is an option to extend the trip until Thursday 6th June which we will email you information about once you are registered and paid (so confirmed) as an event participant.

 Please submit the registration form and then wait for the JEP office to confirm your registration by email before submitting the payment.

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If you have never been to an ECJS or JEP event, for security purposes, please provide the name and contact information of a Rabbi, Student Organization, Community Leader, friend, etc. that has known you for at least three years.

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Payment Options

Please only pay after you have completed the event registration form.

Bank transfer

Participant responsible for bank fees. Be sure to write ‘ECJS & JEP Brazil and Your Full Name’ on the transfer. Please also email us a copy of the transfer receipt ticket as we may not see the money in our bank account for 5-7 working days.

  • Account name: ECJS
  • Account Number: 363-1624975-71
  • IBAN: BE 49 3631 6249 7571
  • Bank: ING
  • Branch: Schuman
  • Address: Rond Point R Schuman 8, 1040 Bruxelles, BELGIUM



Small processing fees / charges are added for using the Paypal system. YOU MUST pay an event package + the mandatory domestic flight between Rio de Janeiro and Iguacu Falls.

Event Packages and Extras

Credit Card

We now have a new system for charging cards called VivaWallet.

Please fax in the following details to 003222304372 or e-mail it to Make sure to write ‘ECJS & JEP Brazil and your full name’ on the fax or e-mail. Please note that only VISA / MASTERCARD or BANK CARDS are accepted. Use Paypal for AMEX. 

NOTE: There will be a 2% charge on all cards which we process as this is the VivaWallet 3rd Party fee.

Details to send us to process:

  • Your email address
  • Amount you want to pay us (including 2% fee).

Please then keep an eye out for our VivaWallet email inviting you to make the payment as we will send you an email through the system to invite you to make the payment (check SPAM if you do not receive it in 1-2 working days).