JEP Vilnius 2015

JEP’s summer event of 2015 took place in the Baltic capital of Vilnius in Lithuania at the end of August. The event started with a visit to Trakai, the former capital of Lithuania with its scenic castle situated on an island in the lake. During the Friday, a trip to Kaunas taught participants about the traditional vibrant, pre World War II, Jewish community in Lithuania before a visit to the IX Fort to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Jews who perished there during the Occupation by Nazi Germany.  Shabbat involved more positive sessions, including relationship advice from our leading Life Coaches of Shelley Whitehead and Rabbi Dr Yossi Ives, and a fun panel debate on Jews, Israel and Europe (with guest speakers Mira Peleg, Dariuz Wosniak and David Abadi). On Sunday participants got to experience a memorable visit to the Vilnius Great Synagogue as well as see all the traditional Jewish heritage monuments, such as monuments to both the Vilna Gaon and Tsemach Shabad. Another successful fun JEP event to soon be followed by our first ECJS & JEP joint event in Morocco!