For Jews living in small Jewish communities JEP type events are vital – perhaps one of the few ways to stop intermarriage. It was a great way of meeting other Jews living all over the world. I think the mix was just right. I’m struggling to think of anything to improve the event.” – London

It was absolutely great for networking, I think that you did all you can. It was then just left up to the individuals to network as much as they wished to. I loved the Malta Tour by coach trip and enjoyed the boat trip too loads. I really liked Malta and the fact that it was a resort but also had history. I think that it is great what you do in terms of bringing young Jews together from all over the world. I really believe that there is nothing I would improve. I believe that you went over and above, and thought of every detail. I’m so pleased that I have the opportunity to tell you again what a wonderful trip it was and how you thought of everything. It was so well planned and organized. Every detail was thought of. Pleasing a whole load of Jewish girls and guys is not always easy. But you did it so fantastically. Thanks so much, you all are wonderful people and worked so hard to make it the most enjoyable memorable special trip.” – Amsterdam

This event is one of the rare opportunities to connect to Jewish life for me as I don’t live in a very big and active community. The group size was perfect. Don’t make it bigger please. You pretty much got to meet everybody.” – Geneva

Fantastic speakers all of them. I’ve already told and convinced some of my friends to go. Everything from the talks to the food were amazing and I made lovely new friends.” – Vienna

Loved it. I never go to services at home, and I forgot how moved I am when attending them, until Friday night and Saturday at the Havdala. The food was too good for my diet :) ” – Cologne

It was brilliant for personal networking and an opportunity to build good foundations with people that I aim to have more contact with.“ – Zurich

I feel more connected to not being isolated with my beliefs and practice. I live in an orthodox community and I am not orthodox. This is often very alienating and brings me to want to be disengaged with it all. This weekend connected me back with my tradition and reminded me to have the confidence of knowing that it is not all or nothing. The event was perfect in my opinion. I would recommend this to friends without hesitation.” – Antwerp

It was perfect! This week-end made me realize that a strong Jewish identity is present in all the participants. You guys did an amazing job! Can’t wait for the next JEP event!” – Paris

The fact is because there is high tolerance and great minds opened we enjoy to exchange and furthermore to make steps to Jewish life. I have to admit that everything was warm, charming and delightful. In one word BRAVO. Of course, I would recommend this to others. If such event would have been present earlier in my life, I guess I would have already kids and wife. Just to say thanks to all of you – you have been so available enjoyable and so good organizers. A big bravo too for the kitchen organizers – food was excellent. Nothing is impossible for you. Thanks again – you are the best!” – France

I thought it was a perfect place to network and meet people. It was a great weekend. I feel not only connected but also proud to be part of a community with so many interesting people.” – Luxembourg

It is really important what you are doing. Coming from a small community where there is very little Jewish events it is great that we have the opportunity during these kind of weekends to connect with other Jews from all over Europe. A huge thank you to the JEP Team for this amazing event and for all for all the fantastic organization and hard work! I am already looking forward to the next event.” – Glasgow

It was great to see so much variety of Jewish life together that it made mine stronger!!” – Milan