Ski Information


This information and advice is important whether you are a first time skier or regular participant. These items are not included in your JEP event participation fee and must be paid separately on your personal choices and needs.



Skiing is a fun sport, whether you are a frequent and experienced participant or a first time beginner. If you are a frequent participant then you know most of the basics, but for someone first time we realise it can be a daunting experience – who doesn’t fear making themselves look an idiot! However, rest-assure our event will include a great crowd of people – some more experienced and others beginners, to be a really fun week event! If you are a beginner, then you should check out some of the advice pre-trip on the internet, such as the following article -



We recommend you use the following company to rent your clothing and equipment during our event:

They not only give us a 20% discount for ordering as a group but  do not charge us to rent the equipment during Shabbat, as they know we are a Jewish group. They will also deliver the equipment to the hotel.

You can check out their equipment on their website and you should order directly through the hotel for this option. You may be able to order in advance directly with the shop by phone, explaining you are going to be a guest of the hotel – but for this you need to double check with them and the hotel.

If you prefer you can order from any other store in Canazei, but this is  your own choice in doing so.



We advise you to either bring your own appropriate clothing or otherwise it is your responsibility to rent appropriate clothing. Unfortunately we cannot provide extra clothing.



Unless you are a high level frequent skier, we strongly recommend taking lessons during the days you are skiing. We recommend using Ski School Canazei as the largest and most nearby Ski School to our event location. We are offering 2 options of Group lessons or alternatively an option of private lessons with the Ski School Canazei, which you should also book through our website on our Register and Pay webpage. Prices below are estimations of prices, but they may change slightly nearer the time, depending on group sizes and the Ski School Canazei’s request.

Class Options:

Ski lessons will be from the Monday until the Wednesday from 10:00-12:45, and for the 4 day participants also on the Thursday from 10:00-15:30 as this includes a fun “expedition”. You should come with your equipment, but if you need to then take equipment from the school there may be additional charges. We recommend to book your class directly in Canazei as it is now so near to the event. Here is the information for the prices. 

4 Day Beginners 15 hour course: This is ideal for beginners and starting skiers - Price = €190

3 Day Intermediate 9 hour course: This is ideal for more intermediate skiers looking to refresh their techniques and continue to progress - Price = €165

Private Individual Lessons: These are private with a teacher and charged per hour - Price = €47 per hour

*Full terms and conditions regarding Ski lessons are as listed on Ski School Canazei’s website.



For the times you wish to Ski (including lessons days if you are using chair lifts) you must also hold a Ski Pass, and we offer the Super Ski Pass for all valleys. For complete beginners you would not need a ski pass for the first day of lessons but then for all other days. Prices depend on the number of days you wish to take, and are entirely your own personal choice and we order the passes via the company – DolomitiSuperSki.* We recommend to book through us for the full access passes for the amount of days you wish to ski, but if you change your mind and wish to extend your days, then you would have to add extra days directly with DolomitiSuperSki on the day.

NOTE FOR BEGINNERS CLASSES: If you are a complete beginner, you need Ski Passes for every day you are going up a mountain, so this is every day (including class days) except for the first day. You may wish though to just hold a pass for the basic Val di Fassa valley, and for this you should contact us directly – If you have had some beginners classes before but still feel you are at beginners level for classes (i.e. can make a Snowplough), then you would need the Ski pass including the first day.

The Prices are as listed here for the full passes, and you should now buy these directly in Canazei and can ask at the hotel about them (being so near to the event):

5 Days: €265

6 Days: €304

7 Days: €322


*Full terms and conditions regarding Ski passes are as listed on the DolomitiSuperSki website.



You must organise personal private health / travel insurance to include Ski insurance. Please send us by email a copy of your Insurance policy as proof of this or bring it with you to hand to our JEP staff at the JEP Registration desk on the Sunday 10th February 2019. We will not allow any participant to participate in the event who does not have proof document of Ski Medical Insurance.