Making the JEP dream real!

The Matanel Foundation promotes projects that are remarkable for their originality, their inventiveness, their ability to bring about change and improve living conditions while constituting a set of best practices, and that are carried out by genuine social activists who embody Matanel’s dedication and who display the necessary qualities and skills to succeed in their work. The mission of the Matanel Foundation is to further justice and equity in the world.


Hulya, the Hebrew acronym of “Hug Lelimudei Yahadut Europa”, is a joint initiative of the Matanel Foundation and the Conference of European Rabbis (CER). It encourages young Rabbis to better manage their communities by allowing resources for their activities and bringing them to work together as a network. – www.hulya.lu


Tag Institute for Jewish Social Values seeks to harness Jewish heritage, knowledge and ideas to benefit individuals and the wider society. To do this, we initiate research, disseminate knowledge and stimulate debate via scholarly exchange, publications and educational programmes.


European Center for Jewish Students is drastically changing the landscape of Jewish young adults across Europe. Based in Brussels, ECJS is a non‐profit, apolitical organization which caters to the needs and interests of all Jewish students and young professionals, regardless of background or affiliation. We arrange and subsidize inter‐European retreats and seminars, which hundreds of participants value and enjoy, due to their unique blend of Jewish tradition and European culture.


The European Jewish Development Fund is a source of centralized funding to projects that promote Jewish pride‚ ensure continuity of tradition‚ offer aid to the destitute and provide a unified voice to combat anti-Semitism‚ advocate for Israel and champion moral values and ideals.