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Flights to Lisbon

There are flights to Lisbon Airport from most major airports across Europe and around the World. There is only 1 airport in Lisbon.

The hotel is situated approximately 1hr from the airport. From the airport it is possible to take UBER or taxis (more expensive). Please send us your flight times as soon as possible as we would like to encourage people on similar flights to share transport to the hotel so it works out at around 20 Euros per person (based on 4 sharing). We will let you know 3-5 days before the event more information for this. We also recommend for the Sunday flight leaving Lisbon to take a flight as late as possible after 17:00 to allow you to participate in the Sunday program (visiting Lisbon city to finish at the latest at 16:00).

Direct flights to Lisbon Airport:

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Athens
  3. Berlin
  4. Barcelona
  5. Brussels
  6. Bucharest
  7. Budapest
  8. Cologne
  9. Dusseldorf
  10. Frankfurt
  11. Geneva
  12. Istanbul
  13. London (various airports)
  14. Madrid
  15. Malaga
  16. Manchester
  17. Milan
  18. Munich
  19. New York
  20. Oslo
  21. Paris
  22. Vienna
  23. Zurich

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